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 Custom Facials

Everyone's skin is different.  Changes in weather, health, working conditions can all affect the condition of your skin.  Therefore every facial is designed around the type and condition of your skin at the time of service. We analyze your skin and discuss options to provide the best care possible.  Most facials include double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and dermal protection. Treatment plans are discussed prior to service. Additional treatment options may be recommended after skin analysis and some may be included at no additional cost depending on length of service.

~ 45 Minute/$85  ~  60 Minute/$100  ~  90 Minute/$145 ~ 

Back Facial

A back facial is exactly what is sounds like.  It is all the steps of a traditional facial, performed on the back.  This includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hydration all geared to skin type and condition.  In addition, it includes an extended back massage (back massage is not included when there is inflamed acne).  In cases with acne or hyperpigmentation, add-ons may be recommended.

~ 60 minutes/$100 ~

Acne Bootcamp

Acne Bootcamp is a 6 month program consisting of bi-weekly facials which may include chemical peels. High frequency or LED treatments are included. This system is designed to encourage cell renewal, kill acne bacteria and even skin tone. The ideal candidate for this treatment is someone struggling with acne who is willing to commit to the lifestyle changes required.  Acne, both teen and adult is a hereditary condition that can be aggravated by bacteria, skin health, diet/gut health, hormones, etc.  Acne facials are available as a custom facial, but bootcamp is a series of treatments during which time, adherence to the individually designed program, must be followed for optimal results.

~ 6 months, 12 treatments plus in-depth consultation.  ~

Home skincare products must be purchased separately and are required for bootcamp.

Additional Service Options

Lip Treatment - $20

Eye Treatment - $20

Microdermabrasion- $30 

Chemical peel (require pretreatment) - $30

LED treatment (30 minutes) - $30

 Rezenerate Nanofacial Product Infusion- $30

Oxygen Treatment- $40


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